Lanes reopened after I-680 big-rig crash


This happened just after 5am - there were seven vehicles that were involved in three separate accidents. Two of the accidents may have been caused by the first one.

Three big-rigs were involved - one overturned, one jackknifed in the middle of the highway and one was able to drive away. There were also four passenger vehicles that were in the accident.

A driver involved in the first accident admitted he may have been nodding off at some point, but the CHP is still investigating. No one is seriously hurt but four people were taken to the hospital; they are all expected to be okay with minor injuries - mostly bumps and bruises.

One driver we talked to was on his way to his first day of a new job when the accident happened. "I was driving in the fast lane and there was a truck in front of me. I put on my brakes and veered off the side of the road, so I didn't pile into the back of him. I don't know if he hit me or I hit him on the shoulder. I spun around and went up in the dirt and come back down," said Bobby Wisecarver, driver. Southbound lanes were completely shut down for about a half-hour and gradually re-opened as the wreckage was cleared. All lanes were re-opened by about 10:00 am.

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