Exercises you can do anywhere


1. Shoulder Squeeze

  • Bring your belly button towards your spine
  • Bring your shoulder blades together and press them back and down.
  • Hold 5 sec. 12-15 reps 2-3x a day
  • This exercise works your rhomboids, lower/middle trapezius , and serratus anterior.

    2. Chin Tucks

  • Retract your chin so that it comes down
  • Pretend like you are trying to make a double chin
  • Hold 5 sec. 12-15 reps. 2-3x a day
  • This exercise works your neck flexors and stretches neck extensors.

    3. Tube Move/Horizontal Abduction

  • Bring both arms out in front of you about shoulder height (you can get a tube/band at any major sporting goods store)
  • Bring shoulders back and down
  • Slowly bring your arms about and bring them back together
  • This exercise works your mid and lower trapezius muscle, posterior deltoid, serrautus anterior and pec minor.

    4. Neck Stretch

  • Bring one ear to shoulder and press opposite shoulder down.
  • Rotate head slightly so that you are looking down towards the ground
  • Hold 30 sec to 1 min.
  • This exercise stretches your upper trapezius muscle that often gets very tight when you are stressed and working at your desk all day.

    5. Wrist exercises

  • Circle your wrist in clockwise and counter clockwise
  • Bring one arm out in front of you and place your one hand on top of the other hand to extend your wrist backwards.
  • Hold 30 sec. to 1 min.
  • This exercise stretches your wrist flexors and biceps to prevent repetitive injuries like carpal tunnel.

    6. Double Founzi

  • Bring arms down by side at a 90/90 degree angle
  • Bring both arms out while squeezing shoulder blades together
  • Hold for 5 sec at end of motion, 12-15 reps.
  • Muscles scapula stabilizers, biceps, mid trapezius

    Posture Exercises:
    Throughout the day many of us spend hours sitting at our desk, computer or even in our car. Often our posture suffers and our head and shoulder come way forward. Yet there are many things that we can do to decrease our slumped posture and eliminate neck, shoulder and back pain. These aches and pain can occur over prolonged repetitive slumped posture. One of the crucial activities to do is simply to get up and take standing and resting breaks throughout the day. Another important activity to do is some simple exercises that you can do while you are sitting.

    All of these exercises are easy to do and you can do just about anywhere and it can really reduce your risk of suffering from any chronic repetitive posture dysfunction. Why the (DPT) Doctor of Physical Therapy. The Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) prepares graduates to be autonomous practitioners, capable of evaluating and treating patients without the need for referral from another practitioner, but ready to work in collaboration with other health professionals. The Doctor of Physical Therapy is the authoritative practitioner in the diagnosis and treatment of movement dysfunction.

    About Julie Ann McCarhty, PT, DPT
    Julie Ann McCarthy is a native to the Bay. She grew up in Menlo Park, CA. and holds a Doctorate of Physical Therapy from the University of Southern California and a B.A. from University of California, Berkeley. Currently is a physical therapist at Presidio Sport and Medicine in San Francisco. Julie is a movement specialist who has been teaching fitness over the last 10 years. As a physical therapist she has a unique ability to instruct exercises to a wide variety of fitness levels from the high end athlete at to an individual just starting to exercise or recovering from an injury or disability. She has been featured on Fit TV and currently teaches at Crunch, Bay Club of San Francisco, Club One and Presidio Sport and Medicine. She teaches kickboxing, spin, abs, boot camp and weight training. As a physical therapist she promotes health, fitness and wellness to the community. She volunteers through local races and lectures on core strengthening for runners. She is an officer of the executive committee for the Golden Gate District of Physical therapy which helps promote wellness in the community. When she is not teaching she is staying physically and mentally fit herself as a local triathlete and road runner.

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