Singer brings Hawaii to the mainland

A few interesting facts:

  • Many people have described Taimane as the "Female Carlos Santana".
  • Taimane has been invited to perform for two Mayors & a Governor of Hawaii.
  • One of her songs became a Japanese tv theme song.
  • She recorded two songs in the award winning movie "THE RIDE" (a story of Duke Kahanamoku).
  • She will star (as an actress) in an upcoming movie by the producer of "THE RIDE".
  • She has appeared twice on MEZAMASHI TV, Japan's #1 morning show.
  • She performed for ESPN and AVP Professional Beach Volleyball in California.
  • She has toured and performed in shows on multiple trips to Japan.


    Flowers featured in the segment:
    All provided by Cindy's Lei Shoppe

    Female lei: Double Tuberose with Green Orchid & Pink Rose | Link

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    About Taimane:
    Taimane Tauiliili Bobby Gardner (Taimane means DIAMOND in the Samoan language)

    Taimane has often been described as a musical child prodigy. Interestingly, she developed her extraordinary skills by performing on the streets of Waikiki to help raise money for the poor. She began this at the young age of 11 and she continues to do so to this day, now 17 years old. Taimane polished her skills while performing with the legendary Don Ho starting at 14 years of age. Mr. Ho was the ultimate professional entertainer for over 45 years! He kindly and with "aloha" took Taimane under his wing and gently helped her until she glowed with self confidence and learned what real entertaining is all about, "aloha." He was a wonderful mentor and will be loved forever. Taimane has performed in Las Vegas, Palm Springs and numerous locations with the Don Ho Show. Thank you, "Uncle Don".

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