Police arrest suspect in road rage killing


Edwin Ramos has been booked on three counts of murder. He is married, a father, and a member of a notorious street gang.

Investigators provided no photo of Edwin Ramos, but they say he resembles the composite sketch released earlier this week.

Ramos is 21 years old, and ABC7 has learned he claims to be a member of MS-13, considered to be one of the most dangerous gangs in the country.

"I think he will admit he is a gang member. I think people in the gang task force will say that he is," said Brian Delahunty with the San Francisco Police Department.

Police arrested Ramos in the East Bay at his El Sobrante home. That's where officers also impounded his car, a Chrysler 300M, similar to the one in the photo released by police.

Police say Ramos was in the Chrysler when he opened fire on Sunday. According to investigators, Ramos shot and killed 48-year-old Tony Bologna and his two sons, Michael and Matthew over a minor traffic dispute.

"I think it's horrible and I hope it is the person they caught today and whatever he gets he deserves it. He could rot in hell for all I care because these were really good people and they didn't deserve this," said Laura Walker, a family friend.

Friends and neighbors continue to flock to Congdon and Maynard Streets where the Bolognas were murdered. Dozens gathered here on Tuesday for a curbside memorial, where even strangers, paid tribute.

Police say they couldn't have solved this case without the public's help. They say tips came from all over the city. They also received key information from someone they arrested for an unrelated crime.

"This arrest was made possible because the community came forward and the officers of the San Francisco Police Department worked hard to tie all of this information together to be able to pursue a search warrant and then identify a suspect," said Chief Heather Fong, from the San Francisco Police Department.

Despite the arrest, residents of the Excelsior District say it's going to take a long time to recover from the senseless shooting of the father and his two sons who were just trying to get home.

"It has shakened the neighborhood terribly. People just can't believe what happened here," said Allen Goodrich, a neighbor.

Police say this is still an ongoing investigation. They did not go into detail but they could be referring to the other people in the suspect's car during the shooting.

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