Impressive, affordable 4th of July decor

Table Ambiance's helpful table setting tips:

  • Gather basic elements you need to set a table, like table linens, table ware, and table accessories, all of which you have on your kitchen shelves or storage closets.
  • Anything goes regarding setting a table. Mixing and matching old with new, combining formal and informal tableware, and incorporating a variety of colors and textures is the trend for creating a fun yet inviting table setting for your guest to enjoy. A few simple elements can completely change a table setting. The use of a colored/themed salad plate with your existing dinner plate or a centerpiece that has something you already had with a touch of something new.
  • Think outside the box, at Table Ambiance we reuse elements in a variety of ways. For example a themed candle can add ambiance to a table setting or put a name tag on it and put it at each guest's place setting. A themed bucket can be used to hold an arrangement of flowers for a centerpiece or to chill your favorite beverages.
  • No matter what the occasion or theme is, have fun! You can set your table days before your gathering so the day of your gathering you can focus on the food you're preparing. Or make it really easy and purchase ready-made food items and put them in your own bowls and platters. Happy Entertaining!

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