Fire safe plants and flowers

Recent wildfires have ravaged neighborhoods statewide, but some of the destruction could have been avoided by employing some creative, colorful landscape solutions. Egbert says there are ways to create defensible space, in any size garden, big or small. Fire clearance doesn't have to mean ugly bare dirt. By using perennials, roses, outdoor living spaces, and edible landscaping you can create a Lean, Clean, and Green Zone of defensible space around your home.

Fire safe plants

  • Diascia hybrids, Twinspur
  • Salvia, Mexican Sage
  • Achillea,Yarrow

Tools provided by Fiskars

  • Power Gear Loper
  • Pruning Stik

Plants and available at garden centers. Tools available at garden and home centers or from

For more fire safe garden information, visit The Coastal Gardener (TV series) Web site at

For information on the Big Sur Volunteer Fire Brigade, visit

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