Ease the stress of disciplining your children

When parents don't agree:

  1. Kids will divide and conquer.
  2. You are role modeling no compromise and no respect.
  3. Could become a big enough deal to cause a breakdown of the marriage.

Think about how important is this issue to you:

  • Can you compromise?
  • A united front is very important
  • Don't give up and always defer to the other parent. What position are you putting your partner in time after time?

What to do about parenting differences:

  1. Before you pick a parenting partner you might want to talk about parenting styles and expectations. But, if it is too late for that; don't think you can change the other's perspective to yours.
  2. Quite often you love this person so sit down, ask questions and listen with curiosity about where their beliefs come from. Consider what would you like to keep and what would you change?
  3. When you think "it was good enough for me, it's good enough for them" reconsider because it might not transfer to today.

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