Understanding your man

The stages of a man's life

  • Pages -- From birth to puberty. They are knight wannabes. They tend to be single-focused and much more picky than women.
  • Knights -- Starts from puberty until late twenties. They are characterized by adventure.
  • Princes -- From late twenties to early thirties. This stage is all about building. They are painfully aware that they are not a king. The early prince is concerned about what he will be king of. The compulsion to work is very intense. The late prince is much more confident and see more to life (this portion of this stage lasts only about six months).
  • Tunnel men -- Transition phase between being a prince and a king. Better known as a mid-life crisis.
  • Kings -- Characterized as providers. Have a strong sense of self and are clear about who they are.

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Alison is the author and voice of "The Amazing Development of Men: Everyman's Journey from Knight to Prince to King," an insightful, information-packed audio CDs, which deliver priceless insights about men for all women.

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About the Amazing Development of Men
Understanding men's stages of development will make you more effective in choosing suitable mates, having love and harmony, avoiding disappointment, and responding well to the changes in men, instead of being stressed out, left out, or just left behind.

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