Richmond approves Chevron expansion


Wednesday night's seven hour meeting was full of debate and protests - it was a continuation of another marathon meeting held on Tuesday night.

Around 2:00 am Thursday morning, the council finally approved the environmental report and the conditional use permit, which allows Chevron to move forward with its expansion plan. The main issue of concern was that the expansion plan would give the refinery the ability to produce heavier low-grade crude oil which causes more pollution.

Chevron says they have no plans to do that.

"So if you look at all of the conditions that we do have, that does provide comprehensive assurances that we're doing what we say we're gonna do," said Tery Lizarraga, Chevron Health, Environment and Safety.

The city council also accepted Chevron's offer to invest $61 million into Richmond City Services. Labor unions support the expansion plan because it will create 1,200 new jobs.

Opponents say it will create more pollution and health problems.

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