Social networking and gaming for women

About is a social community where friends help friends solve puzzles to win real prizes. You pick the prize you want to win, then play engaging, fun games until you win your prize.

Games are specifically designed to foster a sense of community and promote positive interaction. Players cooperate to help each other win prizes, rather than compete. At, players play with each other, never against each other.

Their mission is to build and serve a friendly online community through entertaining games and valuable prizes.

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About Michelle Kaplan, Co-founder of
Michelle Kaplan originated the Winster concept. She has an extensive background in internet marketing and business development, serving as Director of Marketing and PR then VP of Business Development at She also held various marketing and public relations positions at Interex, Inc. Michelle was recruited out of UC Santa Barbara by Hewlett-Packard where she held various corporate marketing positions. caters to adult women who play online games for social purposes, just as knitting or bridge clubs did for previous generations of women and seniors. Players can create a profile and maintain list of friends that they can easily find and join in game rooms.

The link between close friendships and greater mental acuity is one indicator that people live healthier, more fulfilling lives when they have positive social interactions with others. Winster was designed to address the natural human desire to cooperate with others, but in the novel form of an Internet game site. By combining the fun of online games with a web-based social network, Winster is helping women and seniors strengthen their own social networks to lead more rewarding lives.

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