Portable outdoor chair test


Good Housekeeping product testers evaluated eight chairs for ease of both taking them out of the bag and putting them back in.

They also tested them for comfort, durability and what kind of weight they could hold.

"We found a few chairs that cost $40 or under," said Kathleen Huddy, Good Housekeeping Institute.

Coleman's cooler quad chair ranked number one for comfort and also for its cup holder.

"This is a comfortable chair because it's got a padded back, a wide seat. It also has a extra large cup holder and a cooler that holds small bottles," said Huddy.

At less than seven pounds, Campmor's Captain's chair was the lightest winner.

"It would be really easy to throw in the back of your car, take to a soccer game, or whatever you need to go to," said tester.

Perhaps the most innovative chair is the Kelty's essential chair, complete with an attached bottle opener. but the chair comes with a price tag of $40.

All the chairs mentioned in this report also scored well for their ability to resists grass, ketchup and 7 other stains.

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