Fight the fear of opening your own business

Three fear busters for starting your own business:

  1. You don't have to do it all at once.
    Start small. Get all the information you need before you take the first step.

  2. Don't be a lone wolf.
    Ask for the support you need from friends, who are very supportive, colleges or family. Don't be afraid to ask specifically for what you need.

  3. Take a step.
    The first step, even if it's a baby step, will move you forward towards launching your business. Just get out there because if you really love what you are doing, others might enjoy it as well.
About Susan Urquhart-Brown
Susan Urquhart-Brown, M.A., owner of Career Steps Consulting in Oakland, California, is a Career Development Specialist committed to helping people bridge the gap between where they are now in their careers and where you want to be. Susan's expertise includes counseling individuals with a focus on reinventing themselves for the ever changing workplace, interviewing and negotiation skills and self-employment assessment and start-up coaching. She has 15 years experience in career consulting, program management, group facilitation, and marketing, and a Masters Degree in Career Development from John F. Kennedy University in Walnut Creek, CA.

More information on Susan and the book:

Buy the book on Amazon: "The Accidental Entrepreneur"

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