The truth behind flavored bottled water

Contains electrolytes and is a good alternative to just water.

A hint of flavor, but no sugar. A great alternative to just water.

Vitamin Water
It contains Sugar/crystalline fructose. Not recommended to "replace" water due to the sugar.

Fruit Water
Contains Crystalline fructose and NO real fruit. Not recommended due to the sugar.

Ice Age and Fiji Waters
From a glacier or Fiji, not purified tap. A quality bottled water but uses plastic and gasoline for transportation because the source is distant.

Aquafina and Dasani Waters
It's simply purified tap water.

Special K20 Protein Water
Not filled with a bunch of sugar. Contains protein, but also contains artificial colors and sweetener (sucralose). Not recommended because of the artificial ingredients.

Julie Matthews is a Certified Nutrition Consultant. She is an experienced speaker to groups of more than 1000 healthcare practitioners, parents, and professionals, and has media experience behind a mic and in front of a camera. Julie specializes in nutrition for autism, and nutrition for all stages of pregnancy and healthy baby. Her book, Nourishing Hope, is based in scientific research and an understanding of the biochemistry of autism and the role of nutrition to restore health. She presents at leading autism conferences internationally. Julie has a private nutrition practice and radio show in San Francisco, California, and works with clients from around the world. Visit and

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