A summer camp for young entrepreneurs


Summer camps are not what they used to be. Instead, some camps focus on teaching students about entrepreneurship and the global economy.

"And then you have your matching shirt so you can go about town feeling good about yourself knowing you have stylish and functional clothes," said Joseph Breicheisen.

At 17, Joseph Brecheisen wants to make it big in clothing.

He's not the only one. Fourteen other Bay Area high school students spent two weeks learning the ins and outs of running a business.

Jesus Mallote designs his own t-shirts. He combines drawings of urban street life with Mayan art. The cost per shirt: a steal at $15.

"I know how to write my own business letters and how to manage my money and how to make a profit," said Mallote.

Jesus also served as a model for Celica Barnum's hair braiding business.

"You can always make your passion into a business. Before this program, I didn't know that I would just braid people's hair and just whatever I like and really didn't know I could make money off of it," said Barnum.

Biz camp is offered to teens who come from low-income communities. They are selected through their public high schools and community centers.

The national foundation for teaching entrepreneurship is one of the sponsors, who are trying to reach underserved teens.

"Learn the concept of business how to start and operate a business but also to use it to engage in math, reading, critical analysis and presentation skills," said Gerald Richards from the National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship.

Some of the presentations included a "lumpia" business, you know those small Filipino eggrolls and a recreation and tutoring center for students.

"How do we use their street smarts that they have and the business skills that they have the business skills that they have and harness that and give them a different opportunity than they would have had," said Richards.

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