SF principal, teacher walk to Sacramento


The teachers left on Tuesday morning from the Harvey Milk Civil Rights Academy in San Francisco, and the 190-mile journey began with a single step.

They are calling it the "the trail of broken pencils and outdated textbooks" as school Principal Sande Leigh and fifth grade teacher Kelly Clark are walking to Sacramento with a message.

"It's an outrage that all of these beautiful children don't have what they need for a quality public education. We are going to give it to them, but we shouldn't have to be digging in to our pockets and begging people for money to do it," said Leigh.

They say the state's budget plan is leaving them with a mere $32 for next year's school supply.

"Looks like it's going to be incredibly devastating, I mean what about paper?" said Clark.

They are collecting money along the way as well plenty of attention.

"You get to talk to people all along the way, and you get to show people how committed you are to something," said Clark.

They are walking an average of 18 miles a day and they plan to arrive in Sacramento on Saturday. They will go straight for the Governor's mansion.

"Oh he's going to say something like 'well yeah, ok everyone wants a piece of the pie and I only have so much pie on the table.' You know there are really so many ways to cut a piece of pie," said Leigh.

ABC7 News contacted the Governor's office and a spokesperson said: "The Governor has increased education spending each year he has been in office and has proposed fully funding Proposition 98 and increasing education spending over $200 million this year."

But these educators say these kids' futures are in peril, and they'll pound the pavement to prove their points.

"I am nervous about this walk. I am most nervous about the ultimate pass, 109 miles of commitment. But that's easier than walking 13 years with no supplies and a public education system," said Clark.

These educators are walking only 90 miles as they'll be taking public transit to Dublin and then walking from there.

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