Easy ways to organize kids' rooms

When it comes to cleaning up their room, most kids seem to have an awful time doing it.

"I really don't enjoy cleaning up and putting stuff away. There's nowhere to put things. If they go under my bed, then I won't be able to find them," said Hannah Casper who hates cleaning her room.

The key may be to get your kids involved in the clean up.

"For all the pictures and notes that the child collects, what we did was cut a piece of Plexiglas and we just simply put it on top of their desk. That way, they can take their pictures and their notes and slip them underneath. The great thing about Plexiglas is that it's safer than glass and it's inexpensive," said Andie Huber from Good Housekeeping.

Lidded baskets are also good. Not only can you stuff a lot of clothes in them. But they have lids to cover up the mess.

Use over the door shoe bags to put your child's favorite items in them, stuff they use every day. That way your child doesn't have to look for their favorite things in their drawers.

One other tip: be careful about throwing out your child's things. They have a sentimental attachment to a lot of their items, so always ask first.

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