Dry cleaner's technique for closet organization

When you see a dry cleaner's clothes rack, don't you just love how the clothes come to you? Now there's a way to bring that system right to your home closet.

Brand new on the market is the RotaBOB. It works on the same principals as its big brother at the dry cleaners.

"You can store more clothes on our bigger units than you could if you did a custom closet," says Ryan Carlson from Organized You.

Carlson says, not only can the closets fit into odd spaces, but it can also help those with mobility issues.

"Handicapped people love this because it brings the clothes to themselves. They can sit in one spot and bring the closet to them."

Kitty Yele of San Francisco went with the RotaBOB because her closet is long and narrow. Now, the RotaBOB makes the space more useful.

"When I tried to describe it to them, everyone thought I was crazy. Now that they have seen it, everybody actually really likes it and I've actually found things that I didn't know was there. It's much more easy to coordinate," says Yele.

So how much does it cost? They are priced from $700 to $1400. Put it in yourself and it will of course be cheaper.

For more information on this product go to www.rotarycloset.com.

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