Corpulent kitty weighs in at 44 pounds


"I have never seen a cat this fat in person, not even anything close to it. She is a big kitty cat," says Jennifer Andersch of the Camden County Animal Shelter.

The flabby furball was found Saturday in Voorhees and turned in to the Camden County Animal Shelter in Blackwood where she had to be weighed on the dog scale because the cat scale didn't go high enough. The volunteers nicknamed her Princess Chunk.

The animal shelter is full right now and had to move the chubby feline to a foster home because they didn't have a cage big enough.

So Princess Chunk is temporarily staying with animal lover Debbie Wright of Sicklerville.

"She's a lug to pick up but she's a sweet cat," says Wright.

Princess Chunk is just a couple pounds shy of the world record, but for all her girth she manages to get around quite well. And Wright's correct about picking this heavyweight up -- she's a handful.

"I pick her up and put her on my hip like a child," says Wright. "Like when you carry one of your children, that's how I carry her. Putting her in a dog crate, I have to put her in and get somebody to help me carry it. That's how heavy she is."

Except for her little weight problem, shelter officials say this porky pussycat is in good condition -- likely a housecat that ran away from home. They're hoping Princess Chunk's owner will come forward by Friday, otherwise she'll be put up for adoption, but to qualify you have to be able to afford the food bill.

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