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  • There is no such thing as a risk-free decision. Don't waste your time looking for perfection or all of the possible data before choosing. Time passing has a cost.

  • Don't agonize over minor decisions, they are minor with or without the agony. Save that energy for things that matter and more significant.

  • If the same activity or situation occurs more than three times a year, you need a procedure, not another decision.

  • Make decisions in a timely fashion. Rarely does waiting improve the quality of the decision.

    About Odette Polar:
    Odette Pollar is a nationally acclaimed author, newspaper columnist, speaker, trainer and consultant. She helps people simplify and gain mastery over their work and shows companies how to manage diversity and raise productivity.

    Her nationally syndicated newspaper column, "Smart Ways to Work," dispenses weekly wisdom and strategies for workplace success. Each of Odette's five books address aspects of her Smart Ways to Work philosophy:

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