Ranking the best backpacks


Parents don't have to break the bank when buying a back pack. Good Housekeeping tested 29 backpacks for fabric durability, water resistance, and how much they could hold. They also had the kids rate them too.

North Face's Borealis was head of the class at $69. It's more expensive, but Good Housekeeping says well worth the money.

"This bag did really well in the water resistance test. It even has a water resistance zipper here, so when the rain comes down it won't get in," said Kathleen Huddy, Good Houskeeping Institute.

The backpack also comes with covers to give those zippers an added layer of protection. There are also compartments to put all your school supplies.

"The Riff by KELTY was very popular with the kids because they like the front adjustable straps where they could put a jacket. The dual water bottles, and the fact that it wasn't too big. They could put things in it but it didn't overwhelm them," said Huddy.

For kids with lots of stuff to haul back and forth, the Cordura Studyhaul by Lands Ends sells for $40 and can carry 15 pounds of gear.

Last year American families spent an average of $560 for back to school supplies.

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