Do-it-yourself fashion accessories

Vintage bag with new handle

  • Your own handbag
  • Handle to fit - opening in handle needs to extend to the width of the space you are attaching it to. Usually from one edge of the bag to the other.
  • To attach the handle to the bag, use a pretty grosgrain ribbon. It's sturdy and comes in a rainbow of colors.

Updating the dress, blazer, and velvet jacket

  • Lace - for the décolletage cover. You only need about 1/3 of a yard (depending on the needed coverage). I find that a stretch lace is more comfortable as it is made for lingerie.
  • One thing to remember with lace is you can always just pin it to your bra and not have to sew it to the garment. That way you can use different laces for different looks.
  • Flowers - choose flowers that come with pins on them and simply need to be pinned where ever you would like. ·Another use for flowers on a pin, use a bobby pin to pin it in your hair.
  • Ribbons - for the dress I used a wide picot ribbon with a narrow picot glued to the center for interest. Any ribbon can be used to decorate. This is a moment that personal preference comes into play. If you like a wide satin, use it. For the Jacket I used two grosgrain ribbons laid on top of each other. They are 100 percent rayon and washable and dry cleanable. This ribbon usually comes in a rainbow of colors and presses nice and crisp.

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