Feed your garden with tea

Making compost tea:

This is a simple, inexpensive way to brew up a healthy, organic potion to spray on the leaves of your plants. This called a foliar feed.

What you'll need:

  • An old pillowcase or some cheesecloth
  • A five-gallon bucket
  • A dowel or piece of molding slightly wider than the diameter of the bucket
  • Water
  • Organic compost

Cut off the top (the open end) of the pillowcase so it's about 20 inches long. Scoop in some compost (I used a four-inch pot as a scoop and added about five scoops). Tie the pillowcase to the dowel and suspend the bag inside the bucket. If using cheesecloth, place a small pile of compost in the center of a square of cheesecloth and bring up the four corners to tie to the dowel.

Add water to the bucket until the bag of compost is submerged. Set the bucket in a sunny spot and let your compost tea "steep" for about four days. The tea is ready when the color is a rich chocolate brown.

Pour the tea into a spray bottle or pump sprayer and apply to foliage. Do this early in the morning so the foliage has a chance to dry during the day, deterring fungal diseases. Do not spray if the temperature is over 90 degrees.

Make smaller batches using a smaller bucket and less compost.

Source for compost: Most nurseries sell organic compost. Holly gets hers from Save Mart Supermarkets. The compost is made from vegetable trimmings and other compostables from its markets.

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