Making money in a slow economy

Tips for women who want to successfully sell their invention:

1. Create the "Wow" Factor with your invention.
Creating the right message on how your invention solves a problem or fills a need is essential for success. You only have the attention of buyers for a limited amount of time so they need to "feel the pain" of the problem and experience your amazing solution immediately.

2. Do your homework!
Learn everything you can about the category you are getting into. Google search, feet on the street and trade shows are great places to start. If you are going to be an inventor you also need to be an expert. That means you must know everything there is to know about the category in which your product will sell.

3. Your invention is only as good as the foundation built around it.
Build a solid foundation: protect it to the best of its opportunity (patent, copyright, trademark.) Solidify all of the business basics (insurance, legal, accounting) and finally know when and how to exit when the time is right.

4. Your invention will go only as far as your weakest link
Finding out what do you do well and what you do not is critical to the building and the journey of your invention. Too many "a fool" thinks she is all things to their business. No one can be. Be clear on your abilities, strengths and weaknesses. Fill in the areas where you are inexperienced, weak or it is not your strong suit.

5. Build a Golden Rolodex
Everyone has the beginning of a Golden Rolodex. To get the Rolodex that opens doors, attracts inventors and creates a winning team start with who you knew, know and are connected to.

Why entrepreneurs make great strides in a slow economy:

1. Labor Talent:
You may get some bargains on some very highly qualified and skilled people that otherwise would not be available.

2. Office space:
You can negotiate better office space when office owners have more space available

3. Severance packages:
Beside the "Bank of American Express" (or other personal/business credit cards used most often to finance start-ups vs. bank loans), your "golden parachute" is usually the best "venture capital".

Facts about successful businesses that have thrived during an economic downtown (according to Steve Strauss):

  • 16 of the 30 corporations that make up the Dow Jones industrial average got their starts during recessions.
  • Disney began during the recession of 1923-24.
  • Hewlett-Packard began during the Great Depression (1938).
  • Microsoft began during the 1975 recession.
  • Early 90s, roughly 25 percent of downsized managers over 40 started their own company.

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