Boxer, Honda speak at the DNC


"Instead of protecting polluters, we'll protect our families. Instead of ignoring experts, we will fight global warming," said Boxer.

Also Tuesday, State Controller John Chiang and South Bay Congressman Mike Honda took the stage, showcasing the growing influence of Asian Americans in the Democratic Party.

"Immigrant families -- Asian, Hispanic, Pacific Islander, African, and others -- can attain the American dream through quality, equitable education, and hard work," said Honda.

"In America, it doesn't matter where you came from, but where you are going. It doesn't matter what your name is, but whether you are willing to work hard to make a name for yourself," said Chiang.

House Sepaker Nancy Pelosi spoke Monday night.

Big name politicians are not the only ones taking the stage at the convention. Pauline beck is a 62-year-old mother of six who works as a home health care worker in Oakland. Last summer, Barack Obama spent a day with Ms. Beck, helping her care for an elderly man she calls "Mr. John."

"Sen. Obama did laundry, he mopped floors, he made lunch, he changed the sheets, he did dishes, and he talked with Mr. John about his family," said Beck.

The Service Employees International Union invited Sen. Obama to spend a day with Ms. Beck as part of a program designed to help presidential candidates see what life is like for working people.

Sen. John McCain declined a similar invitation from the union.

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