7 involved in Mountain View murder


A police display offers a snapshot of a double murder, investigators say was carried out by seven people, including four women. The two victims are 27-year-old Teresa Aquino Sanchez and her 24-year-old brother Omar Aquino.

They were shot to death on June 28th in the Mountain View home they shared. Police say Omar's past involvement in gangs and drugs could have been a factor.

"Omar was definitely the primary target and it is unfortunate that Teresa was there at the house that night," said Sergeant Ken Leal, with the Mountain View Police Department.

After two months of intense investigation, police have arrested four suspects: Michael Adams of San Jose, Victoria Thompson of Morgan Hill, Nicory Spann of San Jose and an unnamed 15-year-old female. They say the handgun used in the murders hasn't been found and they are looking for three additional suspects, Kim Pham of San Jose, Kenneth Thomas of Campbell and an unnamed 17-year-old female.

Police say they believe the initial motive to this crime was robbery, that the victim's home had been ransacked, and items were missing although they won't say what those items were.

In fact police are releasing very little information per a judge's order.

"Pretty much everything that can be sealed, was sealed. The DA's Office and the judges felt like this case was so huge as we've illustrated. There are so many facets involved. There's the possibility for multiple motives and we have three armed and dangerous outstanding suspects," said Liz Wylie from the Mountain View Police Department.

Police say all seven suspects will be charged with conspiracy to commit murder and five will face actual murder charges.

"Our main concern is that nobody else gets injured, nobody else gets hurt, and the suspects in this case are taken into custody," said Sergeant Leal.

Teresa Aquino Sanchez's eight-year-old son was asleep when the shootings happened is in the care of relatives.

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