Easy tips to save money at home


These cost savers are so simple - some may wonder why they aren't already doing it.

Try unplugging your computer and printer when you turn them off. Or even simpler, plug those electronics into a single extension cord with an on and off switch, and switch them off when not in use. That's $30 a year in savings.

"Seventy-five percent of the electricity used to power electronics is consumed when the electronics are turned off," said Sara Lyle, Good Housekeeping.

Moving to the kitchen, switch on your oven light instead of opening the door. That keeps the heat in and your utility bill down.

"Your microwave is much more energy efficient than an electric oven, so if you use it to cook with more often, you can really cut your cooking costs by as much as 25 percent," said Lyle.

Cutting your dryer cycles in half by waiting for a full load will put another $30 in your pocket.

Here's another money saving tip; replacing your showerhead with a new energy efficient model can save you over a $100 a year.

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