Republican speeches criticize media


Former U.S. Treasurer Rosario Marin (R) of Huntington Park, California was like Sarah Palin, a small-town mayor, a beauty pageant pick for Miss Congeniality and a part of Mothers of Children with Down syndrome.

Marin believes women across the county will see themselves in /*Sarah Palin*/.

"It's a wonderful opportunity for mothers across the United States to see themselves reflected on this fabulous woman who is trying as most of us are, to balance career life and being a mother," said Marin.

And Marin dismisses questions about Palin's record. A record that included tax hikes when she was mayor of that small town in Alaska.

"You know let's not forget that she has a 90 percent approval rating, raising taxes and not raising taxes, and doing whatever she has done she has 90 percent approval rating," said Marin.

Palin's approval rating, which is more often quoted at 80 percent, is a point the McCain campaign wants to stress.

Right after ABC7's interview with Former Treasurer Marin, she was rushed off to a briefing on another point the McCain campaign wants to push. A few minutes later, Marin and former /*Hewlett Packard CEO Carly Fiorina*/ and former Massachusetts Governor Jane Swift were among a group of high powered Republican women sent to deliver a message to the media.

"I am outraged. I am insulted. I am offended," said Marin.

Marin and the others said much of the reporting on Palin and her teenage daughter's pregnancy has been sexist and demeaning.

"And for the media and the bloggers and the other side to even make the comments that they've made, shame on them shame on all of them," said Marin.

A big turnaround from ABC7's interview just a few minutes earlier.

"Steve Schmidt who worked for Arnold Schwarzenegger is running this campaign and he knows there is nothing that whips Republicans up in a frenzy, nothing that gets them more supportive of their own side, than attacking the press. They're doing it, and they're doing it effectively," said Mark Halperin, a political analyst for ABC News.

Sarah Palin has introduced herself to the nation, but questions remain on how will she handle the tough questions from reporters that every vice presidency has to face.

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