Dead animals mystery at Dublin High


Those dead animals were left in lockers that weren't assigned to anyone. Dublin High School officials are going class to class on Wednesday talking to students about it.

A notice from school officials has been sent to parents stating: "At this time, there are no clear leads where the animals came from or who may have taken them to campus."

Students and staff at Dublin High School are disturbed and upset over the recent discovery of two dead cats and a dog inside school lockers.

"I was walking to my locker to get my books for class and I just noticed this really raw disgusting smell like fish," said Cierra Hildebrand, student.

School administrators will spend the day talking to students, hoping that someone may have information into who is responsible.

"This could be someone crying out for help we don't know but our action at this point is that we want to be proactive we are on top of this," said Dr. Steve Hanke, Superintendent, Dublin Unified School District.

Dublin police say the animals didn't have any signs of trauma, and were likely dead before they were put into the lockers. Cierra Hildebrand says she has no idea who could have done this and says students are shocked.

"If someone is pulling a joke - it's not funny it's disgusting and really sick," said Hildebrand.

The principal says there are no extra security measures in place and she doesn't believe a student is responsible.

The first animal was discovered on the first day of class on August 25th, another one was discovered just last Friday and the most recent was found On Tuesday.

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