Tempers flare over takeover robberies


A heated altercation began when Shaunte Bostick and her mother Liz left the courtroom after the brief hearing.

Police say the 20-year-old drove the getaway car. She was the only one who made bail. Relatives and friends of the two other suspects, Leon Luster and Rashaan Lamonthe approached the two at the elevator.

That's when tempers began to flare.

The verbal attacks came dangerously close to blows as the accusations were flying -- most of them directed at Bostick who was blamed for masterminding the robberies.

Bostick's mother defended her.

"My daughter is not going to be held responsible for what someone else has done," said robbery suspect's mother Liz Bostick.

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    Bostick, Luster and Lamonthe will be back in court on Friday.

    Police believe these three suspects are connected to two others who were arrested and charged three weeks ago with robbing a teahouse and another restaurant in July.

    "We do have two other people in custody for these crimes. We believe it was a big group, a group of five. It could be possibly more," said Oakland Police Spokesman Officer Jeff Thomason.

    Those two suspects are David Rodriquez and Dujuan Daniels. They were arrested shortly after robbing the El Torero Taqueria on July 18th.

    "These two guys came in and put gun to us and they tell us to open cash register," said restaurant owner Tony Pelayo.

    Pelayo owns the taqueria. He says the two men wearing hoodies and ski masks ran out to their car after the robbery.

    "Then I followed them and get the license and then I give information to police," said Pelayo.

    "That's how they caught them?" asked ABC7's Vic Lee.

    "Right," said Pelayo.

    Oakland police say they're receiving few tips from the public. They wish there were more Tony Pelayos.

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