Governor says he will veto state budget


The democratically controlled legislature says it is prepared to override the governor's pending veto. The governor called the $143 billion budget irresponsible.

With the governor's promised veto, a political war is possibly being set off between the executive and legislative branches.

It's a stunning twist to the state budget saga. After lawmakers finally passed a spending plan that's nearly three months late, Governor Schwarzenegger says he'll veto it, virtually un-doing the hard-fought compromise.

The Governor doesn't like that the state will be temporarily withholding more taxes from paychecks from hard working families and that the state's rainy day fund is too easy to raid.

"I say, 'Enough is enough.' Californians have been put on this rollercoaster ride too many times. This is why when they sent me the budget, I will veto it," says /*Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger (R) of California*/.

Already, Democrats are plotting to see if they can over-ride the Governor's veto.

"My intention would be to over-ride it. We spent 77 days past due. The Governor seemed to get everything he wanted but one thing. I don't know why he would do it. I think we're prepared to just over-ride him," says /*Senator President Don Perata (D) of Oakland*/.

A veto over-ride requires a super-majority of 2/3rds vote, meaning some Republicans would have to agree.

Given the Governor's shaky relationship with Republicans, some GOP members admit it's tempting to join the Democrats' move.

"The first question is do we craft a brand new budget? Or do we attempt for an over-ride?" says Assemblyman Roger Niello (R) of Sacramento.

Governor Schwarzenegger warned that if that over-ride were to happen, schools will have to suffer massive cuts next year or huge taxes hikes will have to implemented. So he threw a punch of own back at Legislators.

"If my veto is over-ridden, I will send the hundreds of bills that are on my desk back to the Legislature with my veto," said Gov. Schwarzenegger.

Of course another delay in the state budget means all those state-funded services, health care, some education programs, some social programs will not get their state money yet. Many are already closed or are about to.

To see the governor's response stating his demands for the budget proposal before signing it, click here.

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