YouTube removes Vallejo school fights


District spokesman Jason Hodge said /*YouTube*/ apparently took down the posted videos in response to the district's recent ban on students recording fights on campus.

"The district is appreciative for YouTube's cooperation in this matter. As of today, all Vallejo school fight videos appear to be gone from the YouTube site," Hodge said this morning.

The school board voted unanimously last week to ban students from recording and posting school fights online. The policy also prohibits cyber bullying, cyber threats, sending harassing or threatening text messages and using electronic devices to cheat on exams.

A YouTube spokeswoman released the following statement last week: "We're thrilled that school districts like Vallejo are using our flagging technology to flag content for review that they believe violates our community guidelines. This is proof that our technology works and we encourage all of the members of the YouTube community, including schools, to read and understand our guidelines and be vigilant about policing the site and flagging the content they believe violates those guidelines."

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