Planting fall flowers in your pumpkin


1. Select your pumpkin, look for a shape that won't roll over. It should sit securely on a table, so look for a flat bottom.

2. Take the top off by cutting around it with a carving knife. Scoop out the insides. You can roast the pumpkin seeds or add the pulp/seeds to your compost bin. (Don't cut a hole in bottom - it will rot quicker with a hole). Also, don't over water. Choose a good potting soil like Sloat Organic Potting Soil.

3. Fill with soil a few inches from the top to allow for room for the roots. Pick a few plants with different textures and colors like: mums, red sage, purple/black viola, flowering cabbage, red sage.

4. Placement: First put in plants along the edge of the pumpkin. Pinch and grab around the edge. Then cover the top with Spanish moss to give it a finished look. The more stringy/dripping off the pumpkin, the better.

5. Water every 3 days with a cup and a half of water. We know the pumpkins won't last that long; you can expect yours to last 2 weeks.

Sloat Garden Center has pumpkins, potting soil and thousands of plants to create your very own custom planted pumpkin for fall!


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