Man gets frustrated with clothes dryer


You buy a washing machine, it should wash. You buy a sewing machine, it should sew. You buy a dryer, it should dry even if you get it for a discount.

Mario Ramos thought he got a pretty good deal on his electric dryer.

"It had a dent in it, they were selling it at a discount, you know just cosmetic," said Ramos.

Because of that dent, he got it for a discounted price of about $850 at a Sears outlet store. But the dent wasn't the only problem.

"Since the day I bought it, it's never worked right," said Ramos.

The dryer didn't dry his clothes. Sears sent out a technician who put in some new parts. But there were still soggy clothes, and numerous technicians.

"Twelve times they tried to repair it for the same exact problem and it's never been fixed," said Ramos.

Seven years later, Mario's dryer still wasn't doing the trick, so he called 7 On Your Side. We contacted sears and within weeks, Mario had a brand new model.

"There's no comparison. I put the same amount of load, it is 20 minutes and it's dry," said Ramos.

Sears said it provided a new dryer as required under his service warranty, since his old one needed new parts more than four times in a year. Sears strives to provide the best customer service and apologizes for inconvenience.

"You guys were my last hope and you guys helped me and I really appreciate it," said Ramos.

The lesson here? Even if you get merchandise at a discount, you should still be able to get a warranty, as Mario did in this case. So always check and see whether you're covered if something goes wrong.

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