Using touch to detox your body

Refloxology: The art of restoring the body to health through special massage technique applied to the feet. (from Mary Thé)

A form of treatment by means of pressure points was known in India and China 5000 years ago. Reflexology is one of many ancient remedy. Today science has proven the effect of stimulating the pressure points and reflexes of the foot and its effect on the body.

Our foot is a wonder of engineering. The bones are so formed that they combine great strength with a fine degree of flexibility.

Reflexology is stimulation of the Body's Healing Forces through foot massage.

Reflexology is not a "cure all" but a means of helping the body attain perfect balance in all its functions in every system. It influences the whole area where weakened circulation has allowed waste matter to interfere with the free flow of vital forces necessary to life. The body is than encouraged to renew itself so that all its processes are working in harmony, which in turn promotes healing.

Reflexology is fantastic for the purpose of diagnosis and often quite accurate. By testing the various reflexes in the feet, the degree of tenderness will give the therapist a reading of any organ or area that need some attention.

Reflexology also contribute to the detoxification process of the body through the skin. One of our important systems of elimination is the skin. It secretes water through the sweat glands carrying urea, salts and all other toxic materials that the body can not use. When toxic materials are released too fast, one might experience a worsening of the system temporarily before getting better.

Today, more reflexology centers are opening up around the Bay Area at prices from $20.00 per hour in the suburb. It is advisable to seek a professional and experienced reflexologist for best result.

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