Joe Biden attends Bay Area fundraisers


Biden attended two private fundraisers in Atherton and Piedmont. Some people paid top dollar to spend a few minutes with the man who could be the next VP.

The security is tight, the cars are fancy and the money is out for one of the final days of Joe Biden's campaign.

The First stop for the Delaware senator was the house of former state controller Steve Westly. Supporters paid $2,500 for a brown-bag lunch, and more than $14,000 to get a photo with Biden.

"If the money goes to another part of the country like Florida, that's fine with me too. We need it where we need it," said Biden supporter Theres Rohan.

Security was very tight, and people outside showed us their pictures with the senator.

Congresswoman Anna Eshoo was among the attendees.

"The country is hungry for change, hungry for change. We are here in Atherton, but just a mile and a half away there are people that are hurting so badly," said Rep. Eshoo (D) Palo Alto.

Meanwhile Biden's Republican counterpart Sarah Palin continued her campaign speaking in Pennsylvania on Saturday morning.

"It's their choice between a politician who will raise your taxes which threatens our future, and a leader who wants to get to Washington to work for people like Joe the Plummer," said Republican Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin.

California GOP chairman Ron Nehring issued a statement about Biden's visit to California saying: "The Obama-Biden plan would hurt California's economy and worsen unemployment in the state."

"I think it's kind of sad that just a handful of days before the election that their strategy is to frighten people," said Rep. Eshoo.

A Biden supporter and Silicon Valley CEO said that Biden spoke about spreading the wealth.

"We had an unprecedented run empty in the past eight years. And those of us who aren't wealthy, the middle class the lower class in America had an unprecedented retraction in their ability to sustain themselves and their families. It's time for us to change that," said Lloyd Carney from Cypress Semiconductor.

After Piedmont, Biden is going to a home in San Francisco for one more fundraiser. Tickets for that range from $1,000 to $28,000.

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