Officer involved shooting in Vallejo


The police saw a man running from the Marin Market and thought that he had just robbed the market. But the clerk inside has told ABC7 News that there was no robbery.

It all started at about 8:45 pm Thursday night, when special operations detectives were patrolling Curtola Parkway and saw a man running towards a waiting vehicle. The car was trying to pull away without him as he was trying to get in it. Police immediately suspected that they had interrupted a robbery in progress.

Officers proceeded to follow the car and they tried to pull it over, but it kept going, then it slowed down and a man got out and pointed a gun at officers. Police say they were scared so they shot him.

A clerk at the store said there was no robbery:

"They came and left really quick, we told them we didn't know anything and they left," said Adam Saleh, Marin market clerk.

"They asked you if you had been robbed," asked ABC7's Amy Hollyfield.

"Yeah - I guess it was a false alarm or something," said Saleh.

The man who was shot was 19-year-old Dvondre Woodards from Vallejo. He was taken to the hospital in stable condition. At least two officers have been placed on paid administrative leave, while the district attorney investigates the shooting.

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