Vandals strike Prop 8 homes in SJ


A "Yes on 8" sign was painted over, and the garage doors on each of the two homes were sprayed with "No on 8."

One of their cars was also vandalized. Prop 8 would change the state constitution to outlaw same-sex marriage. One of the homeowners says she was mad at first, but is now trying to think about what was going through the vandal's mind.

"Why would you, instead of just giving us a pamphlet, or wanting to talk to us, instead coming in and trying to destroy something we really worked hard for because we're very opened minded we're very open minded people. We're willing to talk to people," said Kelly Byrne, "Proposition 8" supporter.

Police took a report on the vandalism, but the homeowners say there's probably little that can be done to catch the culprit given the fact they have no suspect description.

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