Polling center temporarily closes

November 4, 2008 12:58:32 PM PST
A voting machine jammed in Union City and caused a polling center to close for about 30 minutes at 15th and G Streets. The machine tabulates and stores the ballots. Officials decided to keep the voting going and ballots are being kept in a box and the county will run them through a machine later tonight.

"This is foreboding, and I don't want to have that shadow over this election; I hope they are doing what they need to do because every vote should count, and I want my vote to count, and all of our votes to count - because that is why we are here," said Maria Ramirez, Union City voter.

There are federal officials in Alameda County looking over things to makes sure that every vote counts. Representatives from the Department of Justice are checking to make sure that everyone gets a chance to vote and is treated fairly.

Poll workers in Union City said they have not seen any government workers and no one came out to fix the machine.

County officials say they are all very pleased with how things are going overall. They said that there are 831 machines at work today, so if one was jammed for the morning, but voting was continuing, they think that is a pretty good record.