Obama's CA team celebrates in Chicago


Obama's Bay Area fundraising team came down to the 33rd floor so ABC7 could watch the returns with them.

"It's kind of like being at a family reunion where you've got this big family that spreads out across the county," San Francisco district attorney Kamala Harris said.

Harris, her brother-in-law Tony West, venture capitalist Mark Gorenberg, and fundraisers Wade Randlett and Lorraine Hariton were all there.

"It's been incredible," West said. "We started this a long time ago in John Roos' living room with a bunch of folks who had come to hear Sen. Obama speak over a speaker phone."

Most of those people were in Springfield, in Iowa, in New Hampshire; together they raised millions of dollars and put in thousands of miles of travel.

"Tonight I think we're all a little nervous," Roos said Tuesday. "We're very optimistic, but nervous."

But when the polls closed in California, a cheer went up from the crowd of California volunteers. It was an enormous outpouring of energy and hours later and exhausted but exhilarated Roos headed for some rest.

"When he went over the 270, and it was right when they predicted California so there was a personal element to that, it was a feeling that not only was the country changing, but the world," Roos said.

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