KGO-KSFO GM enters Radio HOF


"This is really a jewel in the crown shall we say. It's a great feeling," said Mickey.

You can't top it, but KGO radio general manager Mickey Luckoff has been winning recognition for years. He joined the station in 1972, became the general manager three years later and for 30 years KGO Radio has been ranked number one with its news-talk format.

"When I first came, we had a vision and we were fortunate to attract some terrific people who attracted other terrific people. Through the years we've sustained something really special and I'm very proud of that," said Mickey.

He's pretty modest about driving the station's success and adding KSFO, but Luckoff is a smart businessman, who's worked under four owners.

"That's the toughest job trying to convince corporate people that we know what we're doing and what's best for this particular community," said Mickey.

The kind of attitude that has earned respect from his employees.

"He lets you do what you want to do. He doesn't interfere. That's the reason KGO is so successful," said Ronn Owens, a talk show host.

"The thing about Mickey is he understands you and understands personal and separating business between personal," said Ed Baxter, a newscaster.

"He's a tremendous manager and he really knows what he is doing in this business," said Rosie Allen, a newscaster.

"We're the clay, middle managers are the tools and Mickey Luckoff is the sculptor," said Greg Jarrett.

Luckoff says the key is to give back to the community. They've raised millions to fight leukemia. Now he is writing a book.

"Is this a tell-all book?" asked ABC7's Don Sanchez.
"It's experience. My experiences," said Mickey.

Luckoff will be inducted into the Hall of Fame on Saturday in Chicago. KGo radio will broadcast it about 9:30 p.m. after the USC-CAL game.

There's still more to do. He's not close to retirement.

"There's never a time you can sit back and say we got this where we want it. There's always more challenges," said Mickey.

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