Patriot Guard welcoming Marines home


Up to 100 so-called Patriot Guard riders will be greeting members of the Alameda Marine Corps Reserve unit when they arrive at Camp Pendleton in southern California Sunday.

These motorcycle riders are retired members of the military who pride themselves on welcoming home those coming back from the war.

"A lot of us are Vietnam veterans we know what it's like to come home to a non-welcome or to be spit upon, or whatever… and to be forgotten about immediately. All veterans seem to fade almost instantly. Once the war is over with everybody forgets what their sacrifices were. We want to make sure these young men and women are not faced with that," said retired Marine Corp; Sgt. Maj. Doug Lyvere.

The bikers will accompany the Marines all the way back to their base in Alameda.

The Patriot Guard also attend military funerals and provide help for military family members.

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