Have a spa party in your own home

Get tips from Jerusha Stewart, author of "The Single Girl's Manifesta."

Jerusha's Tips:

If you've got girlfriends and you can't afford to go out, create a spa party at home! You're going to spend about $50 dollars each if you go out and buy drinks in the bars. If you go to a spa, you're going to spend about $100-$250 each.

  • Every party probably should have some kind of theme. One idea is to go with a pomegranate theme. It's very exotic but it's also very good for you so it makes you healthy on the inside and it makes your skin silky smooth on the outside so it's perfect.

  • A great way to save money is to send out evites, which are free, instead of paying for invitations. Plus evite has such great themes for spa parties.

  • Serve drinks and munchies, a sure hit to any party! A great idea are fruit kabobs. They're a healthy choice. Include dipping sauces, so like chocolate for those who want to be decadent . Also try light sour cream and raw sugar for those who want to stay on the light and healthy side.

  • Spa party treatment ideas: Relax and treat yourselves well with hand facials, which are perfect this time of year.

  • Your hands will get a little bit drier this season, so keep them moisturized. Pomegranate is great when its added to skincare lines, because it has anti-oxidants that really makes your skin velvety smooth.

  • Another great idea is to create a hand soak with pomegranate bath beads.

  • Once you're done with hands you can move on to the face. Facials are great. Buy a brush on mask which you can apply with your hands so it won't get messy. Then put on the moisturizer afterwards, a nice body butter, like a pomegranate body butter from Moore cosmetics.

  • Goody bags are a nice touch. You can find plenty of cute bags at discount stores, then you can go to the mall and get free fragrance and skin care samples.

    About Jerusha Stewart:
    She writes an online biweekly column called Singles & Doubles. She has a degree in International Relations and a law degree. She lives in SF.

    Buy her book on Amazon: The Single Girl's Manifesta: Living in a Stupendously Superior Single State of Mind

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