Increase your agility with "AntiGravity Yoga"

About AntiGravity Yoga:
Created by NY-based aerial performance group "AntiGravity" (think Cirque de Soleil) and Crunch yoga director Jess Gronholm, the new class combines yoga, Pilates, aerial moves, inversions and strength training interspersed with cardio blasts, but the highlight is that students move and fly through the exercises and poses aided by a hammock suspended from the ceiling.


-Moves are used with a hammock; you work on arms, legs and core.

-The different positions compress joints, align the body from head to toe, and helps get your spinal juices flowing.

-The hammock allows students to stretch deeper and get into challenging or seemingly impossible postures, such as hanging upside-down, doing headstands or flying.

About Michelle Opperman:
She's an accomplished professional dancer specializing in a variety of dance classes, boot camps and Pilates. She is one of Crunch's conditioning experts and is well known throughout San Francisco's Crunch locations for her Bosu Body and Absolution classes, designed to strengthen the core muscle groups through dynamic movement and functional training. Her client roster primarily comprises females seeking overall weight loss and muscle toning, which she approaches using a variety of techniques. Michelle's dancing experience includes appearances on Get Fit Hawaii, a dynamic fitness television show, dancing for the New York Knicks, and several Broadway performances and MTV appearances. Michelle has also performed as a backup dancer for several touring musicians and is a talented break-dancer.

Crunch Van Ness
1000 Van Ness Avenue
San Francisco

Weds at 6:30 p.m.
Thurs at 7:45 p.m.
Saturdays at 1:15 p.m.

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