What stands between you and your dream?

Fran's Tips
Three things need to happen for a Stellar Beginning to occur. You need to:

  1. Decide: that you are ready for something new.
  2. Declare: state your intention to others
  3. Pursue: find opportunities to do it - or find people doing it you can learn from
>>Decide, declare, and pursue your dream or goal with action in mind. This brings you support and movement from others.

>>Connect with or interview someone who is living a similar biography. Someone who succeeded with the same obstacles and fears that have prevented you from pursuing your dream. (Are they a single mom? Didn't have the education? etc.) Questions to ask: What was stopping you from pursuing your dream? Obstacles? Fears?

Fran is offering viewers an opportunity for a FRAN FIX. E-mail Fran your dream and what has stopped you from pursuing it. Go to www.zoneme.com and click on GET A FRAN FIX on the homepage. From there, go to the form with a request that says: I Need a Fran Fix - and a Message Box that has the Questions: What Do You Want to Do? What's In the Way?

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Fran Zone is Founder and CEO of Zone Communication. She transforms lives via communication workshops, executive coaching sessions industry keynote speeches, leadership seminars, individual coaching, on-air appearances, and message strategy sessions. Her clients include Fortune 100 leaders, CEO's, marketing and sales executives, authors, elected officials, and individuals ready to thrive on their own terms.

An award-winning leadership communication expert, Fran is the creator of The Zone Method, a proven program for maximizing personal style, creating compelling presentations, navigating office politic, and mastering the art of 'deliberate communication'. The Zoned include leaders at Merrill Lynch, NASCAR, Del Monte, Intel, NBC Olympics, Time Inc, Genentech, and Johnson & Johnson. Committed to creating communication that changes lives, Fran puts her astute insight and Zone Method tools into the daily lives of everyone she comes in contact with. She quickly caught the attention of ABCTV, who recruited her to lead a multi-medium, information campaign on sexual harassment. As executive director of the Coalition to Stop Sexual Harassment, Fran secured alliances with sponsors that included Chrysler Corp., the American Assn. of Advertising Agencies and Hearst Magazines. The national, award-winning campaign was the first of its kind. In 1992, Fran was recruited by UC Berkeley to create graduate level curriculum as well as serve as an instructor. She later founded The John Mack Carter the largest graduate level media scholarship at the University of Texas. She still serves as a judge for the award and created the first "mentorship' for scholarship winners - a paid internship at GSD&M Advertising, where they are also mentored by a leader in the organization.

For her contribution to the field of communication, she received the 1995 'Headliner of the Year Award', a national honor for life achievement. Other recipients include Barbara Walters and legendary White House correspondent, Helen Thomas. Her counsel and constant interaction with corporate brands and leaders won her an invitation to Fortune Magazine's 'Most Powerful Women in Business Summit' in 2002.Fran is the highest rated category speaker in the history of the California Governor's Conference, one of the largest business conferences in the United States, and continues to attract standing-room only audiences at business conferences across the country. She serves as a communication expert for ABCTV and is the creator of ZoneMail, a newsletter read by managers, CEOS, Fortune Board members, and magazine editors.

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