How to discipline your child in public

Tips from Lonna Corder:

  1. When disciplining your own child create clear ground rules with predictable results BEFORE leaving the house, ie. toys taken to park are shared or taken away; if hitting occurs you'll go home.

  2. If your child throws a fit in public warn him once to recover or you will leave. If it does not happen, leave.

  3. Get down on child's level. Do NOT shout commands from across room or playground

  4. Do not humiliate your child verbally of physically

  5. DO apologize for your child's poor behavior, owning it will model taking responsibility for your child.

  6. Every mistake is a learning moment for your child

  7. If other parents do not respond to their child's bad behavior, respond with kindness. ie., say something like ,"Oh dear, Johnny is not invited to grab from you, let's move over here."

  8. Do not humiliate the other child or parent. Do not create a scene. This will model the behavior for your child.

  9. Remember to parent by example

  10. At another time, choose to help the other child. No child wants to be "bad", help find the good. If you know the parents, support rather than judge.
About the Lonna Corder Individual Parenting Plan (LIPP):
Never have people wanted to be parents more than the current population. Couples succeed in their chosen careers before buying the ideal home then planning the right time to get pregnant. Planning the pregnancy can prove to be less than natural yet the drive to have happy, healthy children, the desire to parent, is so strong nothing can stop couples. Would any other generation pay tens of thousands of dollars and use science to become pregnant or cross oceans to adopt?

With their hearts in the right place, once their baby is safe and in their perfect nursery, parents look at each other and say," Now what"? Finally, parents have a guide through the sea of parenting information: Lonna Corder, personal parenting consultant. After Twenty five years in education and child development the Lonna Corder Individual Parenting Plan (LIPP) will help parents sort through the maze of choices thrown at parents and provide an individual parenting plan that suits each family in the way a personal trainer puts together an individual workout plan.

Parents have to navigate through current expert theories, grandparent advice from another generation, instincts, all in concert with who their children are. LIPP will help parents navigate through the early childhood years from 2-6. As an early childhood educator, pre-school director and a parent, Corder has seen and dealt with decades of difficult situations.

LIPP is made up of "recipes" for parenting. Given any situation, several tried and true recipes have been concocted by Corder herself. Potty training, sleeping, tantrums can all be solved with the right match of parent and child recipes.

As a Montessori teacher Corder has a keen sense of how to help families set their home environment to facilitate successful development. Half of the battle of raising a child is setting them up for success and knowing how to give them tools for mistakes.

Corder has worked as a parenting consultant in addition to educational advisor for twenty years. Her goal with LIPP is to bring her expertise to families overwhelmed with outside influences or overworked in other areas of their lives. LIPP sorts through past and present theories and gives parents a practical no-nonsense approach to parenting. A completely confident parent will make a balanced, successful and happy child.

Lonna Corder Biography
In January 1997 Ann Getty, San Francisco philanthropist, created a Montessori-based home playgroup for her granddaughter and several friends. San Francisco mom and Montessori trained teacher, Lonna Corder became the founding teacher/director. Soon, what began as a small group of two and three year olds learning about math, science and culture, grew into ten years as a galvanizing educational experience recognized by every major elementary school in San Francisco and Marin County. Corder received her BA in Psychology and Montessori graduate credential from Saint Mary's college.

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