Top 5 holiday tech gifts

  1. Gateway MC-Series Laptop, $949
    A Hot Cinema Laptop from Gateway: Quite possibly the hottest laptop release of the year, this notebook has a 16-inch monitor that's edge-to-edge glass!

  2. Eye-Fi Share Card, $99
    Wireless Memory Cards from Eye-Fi: This small start-up has become an industry darling by getting your pictures from your camera to your computer wirelessly, through the air, as soon as you get home!

  3. Parrot Mini Kit Slim, $70
    Parrot MKi9200, $300
    In-car Bluetooth Products from Parrot: Alex hates headsets -- but loves in-car wireless devices that let you talk on your phone through your car stereo! These units from Parrot are his favorite.

  4. Wi-Fi Enabled Gadgets, Various ($25 - $400)
    The latest wireless devices from the Wi-Fi Alliance: Phones, video games, music players and televisions all use Wi-Fi now. Alex shows off his favorite new Wi-Fi-enabled devices here.

  5. Pandigital Kitchen Technology Center, $399
    Websites: |
    The Pandigital Kitchen Technology Center is a touchscreen device that puts functionality and entertainment right at your fingertips, in the comfort of your kitchen. Want a recipe? Don't run back to the computer or crack open a cook book - just access the KTC. It comes loaded with a ton of them, and you can cruise the net and add more. Getting bored? Play some music. The KTC has one gigabyte of memory that you can toss MP3s on, as well as photos and video. Its 15 inch, 1280x720 screen also supports HDTV playback.
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