Vallejo childcare locked down during search

November 25, 2008 2:08:15 PM PST
A child care facility at Cooper Elementary School in Vallejo was locked down for an hour Tuesday morning as police searched for three teens suspected of driving a stolen car, Vallejo City Unified School District spokesman Jason Hodge said..

Five or six Vallejo police officers began searching for the suspects on the campus at 612 Del Mar St. around 10 a.m., Hodge said.

Police eventually found and arrested two suspects who were hiding in a bathroom, Hodge said.One of the teens resisted arrest and was stunned with a Taser gun and taken away by ambulance, Hodge said.

The third teen was arrested in a garage at a home across the street, Hodge said.

Police were not available to provide additional details.

Eleven children and three adults were in the child care classroom at the time of the incident, Hodge said. The school itself is closed for Thanksgiving, Hodge said.

The adults were taking the children outside for a bathroom break when they saw the armed officers, Hodge said.

Police told them to return to the classroom and lie down on the floor, which they did for about 45 minutes, Hodge said. No one was injured.

Parents of children at the child care facility have been informed the incident, Hodge said.