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Products featured on the show:

Zoombak Universal GPS Locator, Price: $199 for unit, $9.99 introductory monthly service plan

Virgin Mobile USA - Shuttle, Price: $99.99

Digital Photo Converter $149.99 and Slide and Negative Converter $99.99 available at Bed, Bath and Beyond

E-ZCHARGE, Price: $9.99 not yet available in stores, only online

La Crosse Technology, Weather Direct, Price: $50-$150

CVS Pharmacy website, various prices

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Product list:

Stay connected to things that matter the most...
Zoombak Universal GPS Locator is a device that allows consumers to stay connected to the things that matter most. The locator combines the coverage of cellular networks and the power of global positioning satellites to provide consumers with the most accurate real time location information. It's small enough to be placed in a car or backpack - and it can even be attached to a pet's collar. Not only can it help locate a vehicle, but it allows consumers to keep an eye on teens or senior drivers in the family. The unit has a long life battery that can last up to 5 days on standby.Price: $199 for unit, $9.99 introductory monthly service plan

New on the cell phone front...
Lots of people are using video and internet capabilities on their cell phones and Virgin Mobile USA makes this stuff easy and affordable. Virgin Mobile USA -- a top provider of wireless plans - is a good example. Their new phone, the Shuttle, has 3G capabilities like video messaging and video streaming. The phone is the first handset to integrate several features from the Helio portfolio, like access to social networking communities. The phone has 64MB memory, 237 minutes of talk time and can hold up to 500 contact entries. Price: $99.99 available exclusively at Best Buy and

Here are two great items available at Bed Bath & Beyond, a VuPoint digital photo converter and slide and negative converter. These products help consumers save their memories digitally. VuPoint digital photo converter and slide and negative converter are two great items to help consumers save their memories digitally. The photo converter scans your old photos at 5.0 mega pixels with 10 bits per color channel, so your images will transfer with great clarity. Just load the negatives or slides into the compact scanner to transfer images. This makes it easy to put older photos into digital frames. Prices: Digital Photo Converter $149.99 and Slide and Negative Converter $99.99 available at Bed Bath & Beyond stores nationwide and

Stay organized...
Many people are tired of tripping over the power cords that charge their cell phones and iPods -- now there's a safer and neater way to care for their gadgets. E-ZCHARGE is a clean, simple, non-electrical device that attaches to any cell phone charger. Your charger goes right into the wall outlet, and this plastic device sits right on top of, or in front of, the charger already used everyday - the excess cord wraps around the post and is secured in place. Imagine uncluttered kitchen counter tops and floors clear of cords and it's great for travel. Safer for kids and pets too Price: $9.99 not yet available in stores, only online at or by calling 866-99-E-Z-Charge toll free.

Get the latest weather information...
La Crosse Technology, Weather Direct uses power of the internet, this new concept in weather forecasting "talks to you!" It wakes you up in the morning with a personal greeting, gives you the weather for the day, the 4-day weather forecast for your location and up to four other locations (from a list of 40,000 locations) and your choice of news, sports, politics, and much, much more. It's affordable, easy to install, easy and fun to use -- and you can program it to exactly fit your lifestyle and your interests. Battery life is more than two years. Price: $50-$150

This is easy and inexpensive...
Make personalized gifts with photos. Shoppers can choose everything from photo cookies, photo playing cards, tote bags, puzzles, etc. Just visit CVS Pharmacy website,, upload your photo and select your gift. You can choose to either pick up it up at the store or have it delivered right to your door. Make sure to order by December 11 to ensure delivery for the holidays.

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