Two 14-year-olds detained for threats


School district spokesman Troy Flint said a student of Community Day School, an alternative school at 4917 Mountain Blvd., made threats during a meeting with a case manager Thursday.

The student allegedly threatened to harm and possibly kill the case manager and threatened to harm students who he said were harassing him, according to Flint.

The case manager notified the school principal of the incident and the principal then called police.

Flint said police officers went to the student's home where they found seven guns, including a shotgun and a rifle, in a cabinet or closet near the boy's bedroom.

The boy was taken into custody, Flint said.

He said the boy did not take a weapon onto campus.

In a separate incident, around 5 p.m. Thursday, a 14-year-old boy who had been expelled from James Madison Middle School, 400 Capistrano Drive, brandished an imitation gun at two students on a field at the school, Flint said.

A staff member of an after-school program at the school notified police who later took the boy into custody.

Police also recovered the airsoft gun, according to Flint.

"Certainly, to have events like this in such close time proximity is unusual," Flint said, adding such events are not specific to the Oakland Unified School District, but rather symptomatic of societal problems.

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