Friends are still coping with Mumbai losses


Roy Dasilva he never wanted to get the kind of email he received, telling him his friend was dead.

"Malayesh was injured badly and by the time we reached the hospital, he was declared dead," read DaSilva, from Campbell.

27-year-old Malayesh Banerjee was at Mumbai Leopold Cafe, when the terrorists attacked the popular restaurant. Malayesh was attending his bachelor party. He was supposed to get married, on Saturday.

"That wonderful period of one's life was just pulled from him. And all it took was a random bullet from a person he probably never knew," said DaSilva.

As DaSilva sits in his home in Campbell, he's angry by what's happened so far away, to a man from his alma mater.

DaSilva and Banerjee are part of the close-knit, Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur Alumni group.

"You're sitting down watching T.V. and you're sympathetic about people, but then you get to know that one of your associates has actually been hit. And you realize how fragile life can be," said DaSilva.

Life, for DaSilva, is now forever changed. DaSilva was born and raised in Bombay, or now known as Mumbai. He, like many professionals, was a regular at the Taj and Oberoi hotels. Places he would hardly recognize now.

While Mumbai slowly recovers, Malayesh Banerjee's family is not. Instead of attending his wedding. This week, they attended his funeral.

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